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FAQ - Frequently asked questions:

How long does a translation take?
How long a translation takes depends on the number of words of the documents to be translated. Simply send us your documents so that we can inform you of a specific completion date. Please also note our express service option.
How can I upload several files at the same time for a price quotation?
If you would like to upload several files at the same time, the best way is to create a zip file and to upload it.
Which subject areas can be translated?
Our translation subject areas range from advertising and marketing to medical texts, certificates, professional literature, specialist texts from the pharmaceutical industry, legal documents, tourism texts, webpages, online shops and much more.
Otherwise you can also simply contact our customer service to clarify whether a translator is available for your subject area.
I need a specialised translator with specific industry knowledge. Do you have such translators working for you?
You are welcome to contact our customer service team by e-mail or telephone, who can provide you with corresponding information about the various sectors that our translators serve.
I am very satisfied with the translation provided and would like my assignments to always be handled by the same translator. Is that possible?
If you would like your translations to always be carried out by the same translator, simply let us know and our customer service will take care of it.
Where can I view your General Terms and Conditions for translation assignments?
Can you enter the translation of my documents directly into our system?
We can carry out the translation directly into your system on request.
Is the layout of my file adhered to even if I only have a PDF file?
If the PDF file can be converted into a processible format (possible in most cases without any problems), the layout of your file is of course adhered to. Otherwise the layout is replicated as far as possible in the translation.
Do you also translate SEO texts with particular attention to SEO optimisation?
Yes, we would be happy to translate your SEO texts according to your requirements.
Can you proofread my existing translation or revise it regarding spelling and grammar?
Do you also translate webpages?
Yes, we can translate your website for you, either on documents or directly into your system.
Do you also offer authenticated translations?
How much does a professional translation cost?
We calculate the prices according to the number of words, the language combination and the difficulty level of the document.
Must I pay for my translation in advance?
No, you receive the invoice after completion of the translation. If you are a new customer and order a very large translation, it may be that you are requested to make a down payment.
My company has a VAT ID. Can you issue an invoice without VAT?
If you have a VAT ID number and your head office is outside of Austria, we issue an invoice without VAT.
How can I pay for my translation?
We accept payments by bank transfer, PayPal, credit card or cheque.

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