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Do you need an authentication of your translation?
The translation form Colist can also provide authenticated translations of your documents.

An authenticated translation is usually required for the recognition for example of a foreign marriage certificate, birth certificate, driving licence, will, diploma, award, court verdict, certificate, notarial contract etc. for courts and authorities.

To carry out an authenticated translation, the assigned translator must be legally sworn for the respective target country where you would like to present your documents. We therefore require you to inform us for which country your translation should be authenticated.

After completion and authentication of the translation, an original copy is sent to you by post together with the source text, so that it will be recognised by courts and authorities.

On request, the authenticated translation can be sent additionally in advance by e-mail.

If you need an authenticated translation, you can select this option on our online form when submitting your request for a price quotation.

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