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Imagine: let yourself go, close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax. That is what you offer your customers. Can you also do so if you don’t speak your guests’ language? Let Colist – the translation platform - help you. We speak the language of your guests – English, French, Italian, and many others. You decide which language we translate your documents into and how your guests feel staying with you.

Can you read this: 你好 ?
No? Well, you probably experience just the same as some of your guests. Have your brochures translated and welcome your guest. Colist holds 15 years of experience in translating hotel brochures, menus, leaflets, etc. All of our translators are native speakers. They can translate a single word or a whole book for you. You define the language.

Language is part of our culture. We use it to communicate. It brings us together. Help your guests to understand you. These days, it is important to speak many languages – especially in the tourism sector. Colist is a subsidiary of the tourism portal UPPS. Tourism is our specialist area. Our work is of a high-quality and is checked regularly. We work strictly confidentially. We do not pass your data on to third parties.

Did you know that Chinese is the most widely spoken language? Around 1.3 billion people worldwide speak Chinese. Each character has a meaning. By the way: 你好 means “hello” in Chinese.

All our translators are native speakers.

Translate your website, manuals, product specifications today into the language of your future clients.

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