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May it be contracts, official documents or general terms and conditions, we translate any legal text. Our team consists of experts. They have legal expertise and are exclusively native speakers. Confidentiality is a top priority. Your data are safe with us.

Legal texts are very complex. The terminology is specific and often the text leaves much room for interpretation. If a text is written in a foreign language, it is often not easy even for experts to get the correct meaning. A good translation will make it easier for you. We can help with this. We translate your legal text into the language of your choice.

Especially in the legal sector it is extremely important to work accurately. Even minor deviations can change the meaning of a text, which can have major consequences. We work very conscientiously and ensure an exact translation. In order to translate technical terms accurately, the legal context has to be comprehended. Legal expertise is essential for this. Our team for the legal sector consists entirely of native speakers with a legal background.

We will translate any legal document for you. Here is an overview:
  • contracts
  • statutes
  • general terms and conditions
  • verdicts and decisions
  • letters of authorisation
  • deeds
  • certificates, diplomas
  • commercial register reports
  • patents
  • expert reports
  • legal annotations
  • protocols and records
  • witness statements
  • ...etc...

All our translators are native speakers.

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