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Whether you represent a pharmaceutical enterprise or are a patient, we will meet your requirements and translate your documents with specialist pharmaceutical knowledge. The international market is key in the pharmaceutical industry. India and China are among the largest sales markets, as well as research and production hubs. Communicate with your international customers and business partners. Speak their language. Make use of our translation service.

The pharmaceutical sector uses threshold countries as production sites for drugs and active substances, thereby opening up further sales markets. China and India, in particular, have become key sales markets. Research, development and sales take place on an international scale. Speaking the right language is essential for this. We will take care of this for you. We translate your documents with specialist knowledge.

Pharmaceutics is engaged in the production and development of medicines. Chemistry, biology and physics play a key role in this. Pharmacists acquire the necessary technical terminology and specialist knowledge through many years of study, becoming experts in the pharmaceutical sector. Technical terms in pharmaceutics are mostly of Latin origin. It takes specialist knowledge to translate products from the pharmaceutical industry accurately.

Our team has such specialist knowledge and the required proficiency in Latin. Your text will be translated exclusively by native speakers with competence in the field of pharmaceutics to ensure an accurate translation.

We translate:
  • user manuals
  • patient information leaflets
  • specialist information
  • clinical studies and trials
  • research reports
  • articles for specialist journals
  • various documents for EMA and FDA
  • product information
  • documents for the approval and registration of medicinal products
  • information about toxicology and pharmacology
  • clinical and biological documents
  • training documents
  • ...etc...

All our translators are native speakers.

Translate your website, manuals, product specifications today into the language of your future clients.

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